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December 5, 1998

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To celebrate the 1,000,000 hit count mark, I went with some very good friends to Lou Malnati's Pizzaria in Schaumburg, IL.   Among those present were Terry Felke and Ruben Moreno.  It was a great moment for all of us and the deep dish pizzas were great!  We toasted to the idea of getting one million hits and to the next one million.  But I am certain that we'll have to get together and celebrate the 1.5 million hit count mark!

Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate.  This was a historic occasion for me.

To see the fantasy article I wrote about hitting the one million hit count mark, click here.

The web stats for the traffic on December 5, 1998, the day I hit the one million hit count mark are shown below.  The stats program was run at 3:20am on December 6, 1998.

Web Stats for

Program started at Sun-06-Dec-1998 03:20 local time.
Analysed requests from Fri-26-Sep-1997 16:02 to Sun-06-Dec-1998 02:57 (435.5 days).

Total successful requests: 1 000 579 (20 146)
Average successful requests per day: 2 298 (2 878)
Total successful requests for pages: 316 877 (5 877)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 728 (839)
Total failed requests: 16 573 (324)
Total redirected requests: 926 (37)
Number of distinct hosts served: 43 757 (1 421)
Number of new hosts served in last 7 days: 976
Corrupt logfile lines: 23 986
Unwanted logfile entries: 20 362
Total data transferred: 7 197 Mbytes (221 319 kbytes)
Average data transferred per day: 16 925 kbytes (31 617 kbytes)
(Figures in parentheses refer to the last 7 days).

See you at the 1.1 million hit count mark!  That should be about a month from now.


Bill Slater

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