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May 23, 1998

To celebrate the 400,000 hit count mark, I started looking for opportunities to give a FREE Internet Seminar.  After teaching over 500 people in Internet classes since March 1996, I started looking for opportunities in the community to give a FREE Internet Seminar here in Chicago where I live and work.  It is a fear of mine that our society is rapidly dividing into a group of Information-haves and Information-have-nots.  I want to help do my part by assisting as many people as possible with learning what the Net is and how to use it effectively.  If you know of a group of people I can reach in the Chicago area by giving a free Internet seminar, please e-mail me and tell me about it.

Also, as of  May 6, 1996, technically speaking, I have had a presence on the World Wide Web for over two years now. But I never had my own URL and counted hits until I created and started tracking the hits on September 26, 1997.

Bill Slater

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