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September 18, 1998

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To celebrate the 800,000 hit count mark, I completed this a massive revision to the look and feel of my website.  It was quite a chore because of the huge number of links and pages on my website.  But now the task has been completed and will now be easier to navigate and to maintain.

This was the first time I had more than 100,000 hits on my website in less than one month's time.  I think the accelerated trend was caused by 1) an ever increasing population of people on the web, and 2) school being back in session.  This is the seventh consecutive month where received at least 100,000 hits.  I fully expect that will hit the 1,000,000 hit count mark on or before November 20, 1998.

See you when hits the 900,000 hit count mark.


Bill Slater

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