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Last Updated:   July 14, 1998

Bill Slater

       o  Save some money every week, no matter if it's only $10 or $15.

       o  Keep a journal where you write down what you think about things
          in your life.  This will serve as a history for you as well as
          a meter of growth.

       o  Learn a trade, and throw yourself head first into it.  Don't just
          spend eight hours a day learning your job.  That one or two extra
          hours a day you can put in learning what you need to know (yes,
          off the clock) can enhance your standing and your abilities beyond

       o  Be patient, yet persistent, because you won't be able to learn
          everything about your job in a day, a week, or even a month.

       o  Learn to be a hard worker, reliable, dependable, consistent,
          thorough, confident, loyal and dedicated.  (Well, these days you
          may have to "fake" the loyalty, but every thing else counts.)

       o  Learn to "work smart", remember: it's not how hard you work but
          how much work you get done that counts.

       o  Always aspire to and strive for excellence.

       o  Read the trade journals that are related to your chosen
          profession as often as possible.  The more you keep up with your
          profession, the better off you'll be in your livelyhood.

       o  Be mobile in the job market.  The days of a company taking a
          person on board and guaranteeing them a job for 35 or 40
          years are over.  That concept died with the 70's.  It's just
          that many people don't realize it yet.

       o  Become so good at whatever you do that you can develop into
          a consultant or be able to work for yourself.

       o  Read the want ads to make sure that you continue to be
          compensated fairly for your current level of experience,
          learning, and job responsibilities.

       o  Develop some good, steadfast friendships with your colleagues.
          You never know when you'll have to have some reliable references
          for a job.  Every job I have ever applied for asked for

       o  Find a mentor who has nothing more than an altruistic interest
          in seeing you do well in life and whatever you decide to learn.
          Talk with him about the things you need to know and most
          importantly, LISTEN to your mentor.  He's been there and he knows
          the pitfalls and the correct path.

       o  Write people and let them know you care about them.

       o  Learn to speak and write well.  This comes through practice, but
          these are skills that many people never develop.  These skills
          will serve you well in any field you go into.

       o  Don't hold grudges, they waste time and energy.

       o  Read a good newspaper every day.

       o  Read at least one book per month.  More if possible.

       o  Learn to like yourself, then maybe someday loving yourself will
          come easy.  I happen to believe that despite what Whitney Houston
          says, it is not possible to love yourself until you like yourself
          on a consistent basis.

       o  Give out Love and Light to others and you'll be amazed at how
          this pays off.

       o  Forget the fact that you are immortal.  None of us are.  It
          didn't dawn on me that I wasn't immortal till I was 28.

       o  Be concerned with your health and nutrition.  Eat right, take
          vitamins, and watch out for the addictive stuff: drugs, alcohol,
          cigarrettes, and caffeine.

       o  Set a goal to live to be 80.  That way you'll remember not to
          wear your body out too fast.  I used to know people who would
          say, "I want to live fast, die young, and leave a good looking
          corpse."  Don't do that!

       o  Don't get married too young, anything younger than 25 is too

       o  Respect your elders.

       o  Be kind, considerate, and understanding of EVERYONE, you'll be
          amazed at how well this will pay off.

       o  Read Mark Twain short stories and books.

       o  Read T.S. Eliot's and e.e. cummings' poetry.

       o  Go to a symphony now and then.

       o  Spend an afternoon every 4 - 6 weeks in an art museum.

       o  Listen to Andreas Vollenweider music.

       o  Don't procratinate.

       o  Keep this list and refer to it from time to time.  Add your
          own sage advice to it when you think of it.

       o  Don't forget the Bill's Rules of Life (shown below):

                            -= Bill's Rules of Life =-

              1.  Life is not necessarily "fair".

              2.  "Reality", as we know it, is basically a giant illusion
                  and a minute speck of time in the immensness of Eternity.

              3.  Love and Friendship are among the most powerful forces
                  in the Universe.

              4.  Perception is everything.

              5.  God, is a loving, caring God, and does not require being
                  "bought off" with churchgoers' money.

              6.  Because this reality is so ephemeral, it behooves us to
                  love, encourage, and give to people as often as possible.

              7.  It is easier to tear down goodwill between people, than it
                  is to create it.

              8.  The forces for Good, in this Universe, will eventually
                  triumph over the forces of evil.

              9.  To be true to oneself in Life, you have to talk your walk
                  and walk your talk.

             10.  We are creatures with souls, who are beautiful beings
                  of Light.  We are much more powerful, when our talents
                  are used properly, than any of us ever imagine.

             11.  The day you stop learning, is the day you start dying.

             12.  Death truly is just the great transition out of this Life
                  into the next.  It will be an experience we will be glad
                  about AFTER it happens.

             13.  One person cannot, nor should not control the lives of

             14.  Life is a learning experience, and a preparation for the
                  Life that comes after this one.

             15.  As long as a person is living, there is an opportunity
                  for them to change for the better.  Therefore
                  we must never give up hope for ourselves, and for others.

Last Updated on September 6, 1998

By Bill Slater