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I have a fantastic Wife, a great job, a great part-time job (teaching Data Center courses at IIT), good health, a brain that continues to learn and get smarter everyday, two master's degrees (M.S. CIS and MBA), 71 certifications, 13,000 books, over 300 number one ranks in Google, the ability to be friendly in 15 languages, a black belt in Kodokan Judo, a certification in being able to teach Judo and self defense, a decent musical ability, a kick-ass website named (tm), 60 other domain names, an active enrollment carrying 6 hours in one of the nation's best Cybersecurity graduate programs (paid for by my employer), a great relationship with God, the most famous car in the U.S., a credit score of over 700, no mortgage, etc. I get to go to sleep every night next to Joanna Roguska and wake up every day next to her and then she says, "I love you, Treasure! How did you sleep?" Then I get to set about making the World a better place until the end of each day when my head hits the pillow. Almost forgot, I also have loyal appreciative friends because I do things like go out of my way to help them find jobs. In other words, too many blessings to count.

Who cares about comments from unhappy people?


William F. Slater, III
Chicago, IL
September 14, 2011


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