William F. Slater, III - Capella University's MS in Information Security Degree Plan
William F. Slater, III
Capella University
MS in Information Security Program
2005 -2006
Last Updated on July 9, 2004
(2nd Cut)
(Classes in the Light Blue Cells are classes I want to take.)
(Classes in the Light Green cells are required.)
I was told that I can get credit for three classes and petition out of others.
Seven Required Core Courses   28 Qtr. Credits   Credits
TS5004 Technical Communications 4
TS5110 Enterprise System and Application Development 4
TS5120 Project Management for Technology Professionals 4
TS5130 System Development Theory and Practice 4
TS5140 System Usability Analysis and Design 4
TS5150 Enterprise Application Testing 4
TS5990 Integrative Project 4
Five Elective or Specialization Courses   20 Qtr. Credits   Credits
Choose five of the following courses:    
TS5507 Network Technology 4
TS5508 Enterprise System Security 4
TS5509 Legal Considerations in Information Technology 4
TS5510 Ethical Considerations in Technology Applications 4
TS5520 Operating System Theory and Application 4
TS5525 Project Risk Management 4
TS5531 Security Management Practices 4
TS5532 Secure System Development and Cryptology 4
Choose from two 2-credit intensive study courses in place of one 4-credit elective course:    
TS5270 Cyber Threats to Enterprise Security 2
TS5271 Network Security Solutions for the Enterprise 2
Total Qtr. Credits   48
Notes: Having an MS CIS from University of Phoenix will help me waive three classes.
Having a CISSP will help me petition out of FIVE Classes.
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