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July 5, 1954
60 years ago today Elvis made, "That's Alright, Mama!" @ Sun Studio, Memphis, TN!
See the NBC News Segment http://nbcnews.to/1n3vi5E 
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May The King Be With You!


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Picture taken in 1956 - Copyright Roger Marshutz


You can visit Graceland's Live Webcam Page at http://www.elvis.com/graceland/graceland_cam.aspx

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Prediction - Prince William and His Wife Will Visit Graceland in May 2014


New DVD - Elvis' Historic 1956 Tupulo Concert





Elvis and Sun Studio in Memphis - Where His Music Career Exploded!

July 5, 2012

58 years ago today, rock and roll history was made.

From the Sun Studio Facebook Page:
On July 5th, 1954 at approximately 7:00 pm Memphis time, a 19 year old Elvis came back to record at Sun Studio only this time he was paired with a band - Scotty Moore and Bill Black. There is much legend surrounding how the evening session progressed, but there's no doubt how it ended - the world was changed forever!

May the King Be With Us!


Elvis - And the Holidays...


Elvis - the Early Years

  One of the first pictures of Elvis with his parents,
Gladys and Vernon

Elvis in 1955

This is the way Elvis looked at Overton Park Shell in Memphis in August 1955
Picture by Robert W, Dye - owned by Elvis Presley Enterprises


Elvis and the U.S. Army

Elvis' induction into the U.S. Army as the most Famous Soldier ever!


John Lennon said "Elvis died in the Army...".

We think not!!!


Elvis at Fort Hood, TX
Even though he was drafted, Elvis was proud to serve as an enlisted man in the U.S. Army.

Elvis ships out to Germany.

One of Elvis' official U.S. Army photos.

  Elvis continued to play music while in the U.S. Army, but he only performed for Family and Friends.

Elvis receives his promotion to
Sergeant E-5 while in Germany.




Great Page on Elvis in the U.S. Army



Did the Beatles Dig the King?

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Take the Bill Slater Elvis Quiz!

Yes, offered here, for the first time on the web, this Elvis Quiz will help you decide for yourself just how serious of an Elvis Fan and/or Elvisologist you really are.   Click on the picture or the hyperlink shown below:


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Quiz Answers


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Famous Elvis Duets

Elvis and Frank Sinatra

Elvis and Lisa Marie - Don't Cry Daddy

Elvis and Lisa Marie - In the Ghetto


Elvis's Personal Logo -- TCB with the Lightning Bolt


Taking Care of Business In Flash!

It's 1970 and Graceland Goes to the White House...

December 1970, President Richard M. Nixon is visited by Elvis on 90 minutes notice.
Note: this is the most popular requested historical photo from the U.S. National Archives.

When President Richard Nixon Met Elvis Presley

Click on the banner or link above to see an amazing story and 
for the most popular pictures in the U.S. National Archives.


 It's 2006 and The White House Goes to Graceland...

June 30, 2006, President Bush, the First Lady and Prime Minister Koizumi visit Graceland on 8 days notice.
(click on the picture above for the YouTube coverage.)

Screen Shot from the  MSNBC Website covering this historic event.


Real Elvis Ultimate Fake Elvis

Copyright EPE

Photo Credit: Associated Press, 2006
Elvis used martial arts techniques
to add sizzle to his concert performances in the 1970s.

 Prime Minister Koizumi (shamelessly) demonstrates
the martial arts techniques
that added sizzle to Elvis' concert performances in the 1970s.

(For maximum cheesy effect, start humming
"Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting"
in your head.)

Arigato, Koizumi-san!

Elvis and Karate

Elvis' Personal Karate Gi Patch w/TCB Logo! Elvis with Karate Gi & TCB Patch

Copyright EPE


Click on the Patch Pic or on this Link to buy the King's Authentic Karate Patch:

TCB - Faith - Spirit - Discipline




Plan a Your Own Trip to Graceland

Can't afford a trip to Graceland? well then view Graceland from the air!

Or Take a Trip to Graceland on the Internet!!!

Take Me To Graceland, Right Now!


Planet Elvis?

Some conceptual images I created of what a Planet Elvis might look like.


Elvis and the GDP

I was working a school assignment and my research discovered how the King could greatly
help the GDP of the United States of Elvis.  It's more significant than you might think.

Click here to see the story, data, and the graph.

"Elvis The Pelvis"


75 Years of Elvis - Definitive Timeline
1935 - 2010

Elvis - A 75 Year Timeline - 1935 - 2010

(click to see the Timeline)

Elvis' Defining Moments

President Nixon Meets The King
December 21, 1970
Fact: This is the most requested photo in the U.S. Archives

  1. Elvis winning a talent contest in Tupulo, MS, at age 11 for singing "Old Shep"
  2. Elvis meets Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Studios, 1954.
  3. Elvis' recording his "That's Alright Mama" in July 1954 in Sun Studios
  4. Appearing on the Milton Berle Show
  5. Appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show
  6. Elvis starting to make movies with his "Love Me Tender" movie of 1956.
  7. Elvis enlisting in the Army, serving as a soldier from March 1958 - March 1960
  8. Attending the funeral of Gladys Presley, his mother
  9. Elvis' return to civilian life press conference at Graceland in March 1960
  10. Appearing on the 1968 Comeback Special
  11. Receiving the Jaycees Award from being One of the Ten Most Outstanding Young Men in America
  12. Meeting with President Nixon in December 1970, on 90 minutes notice
  13. The Aloha from Hawaii Live Concert benefitting the U.S.S. Arizona memorial
  14. August 16, 1977, Elvis decides to check out
  15. June 30, 2006, President Bush, the First Lady and Prime Minister Koizumi visit Graceland on 8 days notice.


And In an Alternate Universe, Maybe Elvis Would Be the U.S. President and Nixon Would Be an Elvis


Elvis and the 1955 Pink Cadillac

No car excites Elvis fans like the 1955 Pink Cadillac.  This car normally sits in the Elvis Car Museum that is across the street from Graceland.


This is how the Pink Cadillac looks in front of Graceland.


When Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi came to Graceland with President Bush in 2006,
EPE got the Pink Cadillac out of the Elvis Car Museum and placed it in front of Graceland

Picture from Pakwheels.com





This is how the Pink Cadillac looks
in the Elvis Car Museum.

(Special Note - do not touch this car in the museum! 
It is alarmed!!!)

    You can buy a scale model replica of Elvis'1955 Pink Cadillac  


Elvis' Step-Brothers

Pictures of the King and his step-brothers: Rick Stanley, David Stanley, and Billy Stanley

(Click images for a larger view)

Vernon Rocks!


Vernon Rocks!

May The King Be With Us!!!

May The King Be With Us!!!

Tres Hombres!


Graceland Elementary School
Memphis, TN
Third Grade Class Photo
September 1963

Rick Stanley is in the back row, third from left.
William Slater is in the back row at the far left.


Celebrate the King with Step-Brothers

More Free Picture of the King and his step-brothers: Rick Stanley, David Stanley, and Billy Stanley, as well as interesting discussions. 

Click here to Join them on Facebook - Celebrating Elvis by the Stanleys (Hint: The King Is With Them!)


The 1968 Elvis Comeback Special on TV

Filmed in June 1968, this TV special aired in December 1968 and was the most highly rated show on network television.  This show, which featured Elvis performing before a live audience in California, marked the historic return of Elvis performing music in front of live audiences, after more than 10 years of performing music on movie sets.

This was Set List 1:

Trouble/Guitar Man - Show Opener
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Baby, What You Want Me To Do
Something wrong with my lip. / He's gotta be crazy.
Heartbreak Hotel / Hound Dog / All Shook Up
Can't Help Falling in Love
Jailhouse Rock
Can I borrow your little whatchacallit? / This leather suit is hot
Love Me Tender
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Rock & roll music is ...
Gospel Production Number:
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child / Where Could I go But To The Lord / Up Above My Head / Saved
Baby, What You Want Me To Do
Blue Christmas
One Night
Guitar Man Production Number:
Nothingville / Guitar Man / Let Yourself Go /Guitar Man / Big Boss Man /
It Hurts Me / Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Trouble / Guitar Man
If I Can Dream - Show Closer


This was Set List 2:

That's All Right
Heartbreak Hotel
Love Me
Baby. What You Want Me To Do
Rock & roll music is ...
Blue Suede Shoes
Baby, What You Want Me To Do
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Can You Buckle My Belt, Baby?
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
Blue Christmas
Trying To Get To You
One Night - Somebody pulled the plug, man.
Baby, What You Want Me To Do
Man, I just work here. / No strap.
One Night

This is a very good article about the 1968 Elvis Comeback Special.

To many, this was Elvis at his very best!!


Elvis' Unreleased Album?

We'd like to think that there was at least one Elvis album that was never released.  Maybe it was his answer to the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album...

Elvis Presley's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Elvis Had His Own Personal Jet - The Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Aircraft Website

The 24-Hour Church of Elvis on the World Wide Web!!!

The Official 24 Hour Church of Elvis on the World Wide Web

The Official 24 Hour Church of Elvis Blog

©S.G.Pierce, "24 Hour Church of Elvis", "Church of Elvis"

Maintained by Your Friend, S. G. Pierce,"Artist to the Stars!!"

24 Church of Elvis
P.O. Box 1813
Portland, OR 97207

Great place to get T-Shirts, Refrigerator Magnets, Pins, as well as that old-time Elvis Religous Feeling

Check Out this Incredible Website!!!


Elvis Presley Enterprises and the Law

Memphis State University Law School (now the University of Memphis Law School) contributed heavily to the body of legal knowledge involving the use of Elvis, Elvis Presley, images of Elvis and everything else associated with the King.

Click here to see information about Elvis and the Law, as well as links to legal cases.


Elvis Hair Is Up for Auction!

Click here to see the authentic Elvis Hair for Auction


Elvis was a BIG Movie Star.  How Many Movies Did Elvis Star In?

Click here to find out the number and the entire list.


What Was the King's Favorite Movie of All The Movies He Made?

Click here to find out!!!

Is Elvis Still Making Movies?

Does Elvis Mooooove you?  Click Below


Some People Think the King Is Dead...  But Elvis Is Not Dead!

"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the 
coming of the checks..."


Last Known Picture of Elvis


It was taken on August 12, 1977, Elvis, Lisa and Ginger went to see The Spy Who Loved Me at a private screening. Elvis had attempted to get into Star Wars, but was unsuccessful.


Elvis Sighting Information

Click here for Elvis Sighting Information

The World's Best Song About an Elvis Sighting (May God Bless Marc Cohn)

Elvis Sighting in Iraq 2003

Elvis "Saddam" Presley

As President Bush said, "Let's invade Iraq!  It's now or never"

(Courtesy of some artists from the U.S. Army)

Some Memphis Tributes to Elvis...

In 1971, after Elvis was named one of the 10 Most Outstanding Young Men in America,
the City of Memphis renamed Highway 51 to Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Famous Statue of Elvis in Memphis, TN

How an Artist Drew Me As The King!

Bill Slater As The King in 1997!

New Elvis Online Catalog at ShopElvis.com

URL = http://www.ShopElvis.com

Learn How to Build Your Very Own Elvis Shrine - Seriously!

Click here or just click the Elvis Bust

The King and I

I have always had this fascination with the King, see the pictures below and you may understand how much I have in common with the King. By the way, I grew up in Memphis, one mile from Graceland.  May the King Be With Us!

William F. Slater, III
in Mountain View, Arkansas
October 1987

How an Artist drew
William F. Slater, III
as the King in 1997
in Chicago, IL
at a company party for
the Aerial Communications Launch.

Williiam F. Slater, III
 in Judo Gi in Chicago, IL
September 2009

Me with the TCB Patch
(Click for larger picture)

(my other Judo pictures as a Judo Instructor - 1989 - 1991)









William F. Slater, III
with a special photo opportunity with The King
June 1993


Very Cool Elvis Stuff

The Flying Elvises Help Spread the good news about the Magnificance of Elvis

The Flying Elvises

Sometimes called the "Flying Elvi"


Important Elvis Links

Elvis Express Radio


Elvis: The End of An Era

Read this excellent article written in Memphis Magazine and Published in September 1977, the Month after Elvis Died

Elvis Picture Postcards

Click Here for a Great Selection of Elvis Picture Postcards

Elvis on YouTube

Click here to see great thousands of Elvis Videos and Songs on YouTube

Elvis in Wikipedia

Elvis in Wikipedia

Elvis is all over the Web!

Google Search on Elvis shows his enduring popularity

Rory's Elvis Rare Records Website

Click here to visit Rory's Elvis Rare Records Website

Rory's World Famous Elvis Presley Products Website

Click here to visit Rory's Elvis Presley Products Website

Throwing an Elvis Theme Party?  Get Your Supplies Here

Elvis party supplies

Are you hungry tonight?  Best Elvis Recipes

Elvis Recipes

The Ultimate Elvis Presentation!

Click Here to see The Ultimate Elvis Presentation

All About Elvis


The World's BEST Elvis Directory!


Really Interesting Bio on The King:


Collector's Gold Page - Excellent Elvis Portal with Links to Other Great Elvis Websites


Lots of Elvis Facts, History, and Quotes:


The FBI Files on Elvis!

Elvis Presley was not the subject of an FBI investigation. However, the FBI maintains records filed under his name that are comprised of more than 600 pages. These records consist of copies of letters from members of the public commenting on his performances, newspaper clippings, and documents reporting that Mr. Presley was the target of extortion attempts.

Click on this link to start viewing the PDF files.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader program required.)



Elvis Fans Map - Where They Are Coming Here From


Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

Click on the map above to the list of locations
where the Elvis Fans are coming here from.

To Be Continued...

Watch this page for continued updates on revelations and comments about The King.

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May The King Be With You!!!



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