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The command control system I worked on from July 1977 - October 1980 provided information to the Strategic Air Command underground command post. An unclassified picture of the command post is attached. Note that colored data on the wall screens. That data came from the WWMCCS standard system I worked on. (This picture was posted somewhere on the web where the SAC command post was being described.)  Click here for a detailed analysis document that describes three WWMCCS failures.

The Command Control System I Supported Kept Track of SAC Bombers, Missiles, Tankers, and Other Stuff Dedicated to the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP).


What the Command Control System Kept Track Of




Where I Served

3900th Computer
Services Squadron


SAC Emblem

Entrance of SAC with
SAC Elite Guard

Building 500
Strategic Air

SAC Command
Post in an
Picture from the

SAC Command Post
in an Unclassified
Picture from the
late 1970s
when I worked


SAC Elite Guard

This website shows the SAC Elite Guard and give a lot of great information about the history of Strategic Air Command:


SAC HUMOR and Other USAF Humor

Click here for some of the humor shared by members of SAC and the rest of the USAF.


Technical Information

400-page text about WWMCCS


Jules Schwartz discusses the JOVIAL Programming he invented for Strategic Air Command (lots of humor)

Applications Written in JOVIAL:


Official Photos

2nd LT William F. Slater, III
U.S. Air Force
July 1977


1st LT William F. Slater, III
U.S. Air Force
July 1979


General Russell E. Dougherty

General Richard H. Ellis

LT Col Frank D. Hale

Lieutenant General
Ronnie D. Hawkins, Jr.

Director of DISA


More Recent Pictures

William Favre Slater, III
January 2013

William Favre Slater, III
March 2016

My Actual DD 214 - Official Record of my USAF Active Duty Service

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