Building Your Home Computer Network

Using Microsoft Software

Show below is a course description of a class which I am developing for Fall '98.  The class will be taught for seven weeks, one night per week, two hours per class, in the Adult Education program of CUSD 200 in Wheaton, IL, starting the last week of September 1998.  I already have 10 people signed up for this class in advance.

Course Description

If you are thinking of buying your second or third PC, or if you already have two or more PCs around your home, you could benefit greatly by wiring them together to create your own home local area network (LAN). This brand new class is targeted specifically at meeting the needs of those who have PC experience and experience in Microsoft software (Windows for Workgroups 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, and/or Windows NT). Topics to be covered are: What is a Network? Why build a Network? Type of Networks. Networking Basics. Networking Components. Operating Systems. Hardware. Software. Troubleshooting, and Expanding your Network. This class will be taught over a period of seven weeks. There will be a LOT of hands on experience as participants get several opportunites to bring their PC to class, in order to create and work on a network in class.

The teacher, Bill Slater, has his own home network of five tower computers and two laptops. Visit his home page on the World Wide Web at to see a picture of his LAN and to see course materials from his other classes. Bill has taught Internet classes to enthusiastic students in the CUSD 200 Adult Education program at Wheaton North High School since March 1996. In addition, he has been working as a computer professional since 1977, and loves teaching what he has learned in his computer career to interested people.

Bill Slater

May 1998


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