March 13, 2011

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Value & Viability- Certifications & Technology



Originally Posted by Forum Member N:


Another Forum Member, isn't the viability of the technology directly related to the value of the certification itself? What would you rather the focus of the conversation be?


Forum Member N:

Did you get that question structure backwards?


I would have asked the question this way:


"Isn't the viability of the certification directly related to the value of the technology itself?"


Example: You could be certified in flashlights, doorknobs, and light switches, but if those technologies don't have a great deal of value (because they are commodities), then the certification isn't very viable is it? And therefore, probably not worth pursuing.


After all is said and done, these things (certifications) must have a ROI and a TCO, or else they aren't worth pursuing except for maybe the purpose of ego gratification.


There are however, some certainties in the world of technology and business:


1) The competition to deliver the most IT value at the lowest cost to a business is very intense, and getting more intense and competitive all the time.


2) The technology landscape of IT continually changes, as do the business models of what makes good sense.


3) Moore's Law is about economics and manufacturing. It not about technology as so many erroneously believe. And Moore's Law applies to people too. If you don't believe that, look it up. Or send me a private message and I will send you a link to a presentation I found on this very topic.


4) After a certain point, and this matter is debatable, your biological age will work against you (i.e. Have you ever seen a working, 70-year old system administrator?)


5) For a while anyway, things like certifications, experience, and education will work in your favor. Then AFTER that, you need to rely on luck, your savings & retirement, rich relatives, or "the kindness of strangers."


Finally, I still believe that smart people like Nicholas Carr, Bill Gates, and Ray Ozzie saw the Cloud paradigm coming in 2005, and that now, we are living in that Cloud Age of IT. As a personal and professional choice, I will bet my time, energy, and resources on the pursuit of certifications and excellence in the Cloud Age of IT, so I can remain competitive and deliver more value to my customers, that is, until the next big, disruptive paradigm appears.


Just my humble opinions, of course.




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