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  1. Where was Elvis born? (town and state)

    Tupelo, Mississippi

  2. Where did Elvis get started in the recording business? (town and state)

    Memphis, Tennessee


  3. What was the name of Elvis’ mother and father?

    Gladys and Vernon

  4. Who was the sexy female star who co-starred with Elvis in the movie, Viva Las Vegas?



  5. What is the name of Elvis’ only child?

    Lisa Marie Presley

  6. How tall is Elvis?

    6 feet tall

  7. Name a famous type of denim wear which is an anagram of the letters in Elvis’ name.


  8. What was Elvis’ first hit single?

    That's Alright Mama

  9. What were the names of Elvis’ step-brothers?

    Rick Stanley
    David Stanley
    Billy Stanley

  10. What is the name of the large Convair 880 jetliner which Elvis flew around the country in?

    The Lisa Marie

  11. Who was Elvis’ manager?

    Colonel Tom Parker

  12. What is the name of Elvis’ house in Memphis?


  13. What was the name of Elvis’ most famous son-in-law?

    Michael Jackson

  14. What was the name of Elvis’ favorite horse?

    Rising Sun

  15. What famous US president did Elvis meet on just a few hours notice?

    President Richard M. Nixon

  16. What does TCB stand for?  What does his logo mean?

    Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business in a Flash!



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