Program Manager
IT Consultant in Data Center Management and
Change Management
M.S. in Computer Information Systems
1337 N. Ashland Ave., #2
Chicago, IL  60622
United States of America

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Welcome to my Gallery

polskasummit2003medium.jpg (46168 bytes)
January 8, 2003
Meeting in Warsaw with 

03010403.JPG (58929 bytes)
March 1, 2003
at Home in Joanna's 
Computer Room
04260067.JPG (55950 bytes)
April 26, 2003
Celebrating Joanna's Birthday 
at Le Buchon in Chicago


05310569.JPG (58790 bytes)
May 31, 2003
at a Company Dinner with 
Nancy Shortt, who is one of my 
Bosses and Joanna

06140033.JPG (57585 bytes)
June 14, 2003
Joanna and I in Memphis by the Mississippi River - in town 
for the 30-Year Class Reunion 
of Hillcrest High School


014_11.JPG (631443 bytes)
July 13, 2003
Joanna and I in Wisconsin
by the Wolf River for a 
weekend of Whitewater rafting
08090176.JPG (57953 bytes)
August 9, 2003
Joanna and I at the
annual Bud Billikin Day Parade
on the South side of Chicago
09060115.JPG (57950 bytes)
September 6, 2003
Joanna and I at the
annual St. Catherine's Irish Festival
in West Dundee, Illinois
09070235.JPG (59509 bytes)
September 7, 2003
Me at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Elgin, IL. This is the 
official hotel of the 
St. Catherine's Irish Festival

Note the UoP text book for 
CMGT 555 that I am holding.
09200316.jpg (58524 bytes)
September 20, 2003
Joanna and I
Aboard the Radiance of the Seas
during our mandatory
emergency drill
09220282.jpg (57411 bytes)
September 22, 2003
Aboard the Radiance of the Seas
I continued to study for
by UoP CMGT 555 Class while
on the cruise
09260030.jpg (55089 bytes)
September 26, 2003
Joanna and I
Aboard the Radiance of the Seas
at the ship's bow, on a bright
fall morning, in the Inside Passage
headed south
10150132.JPG (51810 bytes)
October 15, 2003
in London, England
for the 2003 BP Digital Business
Helios Award Ceremonies
with my Bosses, L to R:
Venetia Bradley
William Slater
Rhonda Rodriguez
Nancy Shortt
11130184.jpg (58718 bytes)
November 13, 2003
at my office, where I
frequently study and do
UoP schoolwork in the
evenings.  In this picture
I am working on another
certification, the COMPTIA 
IT Project+, which is related 
to my current UoP graduate 
class in Project Management.  
I have been working on a lot of
certifications recently.
12250115.jpg (62167 bytes)
December 25, 2003
by the Royal Castle
in the Old Towne
section of Warsaw. 
12310126.jpg (58220 bytes)
December 31, 2003
afternoon arrival at 
in the north part of Poland, about 65 miles south of the Baltic Sea. 


12310127.jpg (52009 bytes)
December 31, 2003
early evening at 
with a Castle Guard. 
12310130.jpg (60801 bytes)
December 31, 2003
In front of 
with Wiesia and Wiesik (my mother-in-law and father-in-law)
12310138.jpg (58302 bytes)
December 31, 2003
New Year's Eve Dinner 
with Wiesia (my mother-in-law)
and my Bride, Joanna. 
01040208.jpg (57366 bytes)
January 4, 2004
with Joanna at Kawka
the coffee shop owed by 
her best friend, Kate. 
01040215.jpg (58693 bytes)
January 4, 2004
with Joanna with 
Wiesia and Wiesik 
(my mother-in-law and 


01070187.jpg (59653 bytes)
January 7, 2004
Farewell with Joanna at the
Warsaw Airport.  I would
not see Joanna again till
February 8, 2004 when
she returned home to


01310232.jpg (51430 bytes)
January 31, 2004
The day I passed the 70-220
exam that completed 
my MCSE 2000: Security
See my Certifications Page
for more information.


02080238.jpg (59232 bytes)
February 8, 2004
Joanna returns home to
I really missed my
04110306.JPG (56062 bytes)
April 11, 2004
Joanna and I
celebrate Easter with a 
friend at a local
Vietnamese Restaurant
in our neighborhood -
Luc Thang Noodle


05310261.JPG (61653 bytes)
May 31, 2004
Me in San Diego 
at the Penisula Monument 
Nature Preserve
07030354.JPG (56889 bytes)
July 3, 2004
Joanna and I
celebrate at
a local Indian
restaurant: The Klay Oven
08060375.JPG (57548 bytes)
August 6, 2004
My first up-close look
at Cloud Gate in Chicago
08260013.JPG (16295 bytes)
August 26, 2004
At the Hilton  Hotel 
in Lisle, IL. This is for the 
orientation for
Capella Online University.
I was officially accepted as a graduate
student in the 
MS in Information Security Program
on June 30, 2004.
and start Classes on November 1, 2004
That's Capella Corporate Learning Consultant Jody Wentz there with me.


09120017.JPG (58508 bytes)
September 12, 2004
At the Holiday Inn  Hotel 
in Elgin, IL. This is the 
official hotel of the 
St. Catherine's Irish Festival

Note the DRP text book for 
CMGT 585 that I am holding.
10020226.jpg (60771 bytes)
October 2, 2004
At Giordano's in
Lake Zurich
celebrating my birthday
with my Joanna and friends.
10030229.jpg (57951 bytes)
October 3, 2004
At Basilico's Restaurate' in Norridge, IL
celebrating my birthday
with my Joanna.
10130062.JPG (55394 bytes)
October 13, 2004
In my Office at Work
Celebrating Completion
on the Last Day of 
the CMGT 585 Class, and the
last day of the MS CIS 
program at UoP.
vision_of_the_seas_large.jpg (41084 bytes)
What was reward for completing 
this MS CIS Program?
A Cruise Down 
the Mexican Riviera!!
route_mexiko.gif (37201 bytes)
On the beautiful 
Vision of the Seas!
A Magnificent
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ship
October 24 - 31, 2004

Ports of Call in Mexico:

  • Cabo San Lucas

  • Mazatlan

  • Puerto Vallarta

10300226.jpg (55014 bytes)

The End
A Beautiful Sunset at Sea,
from the Vision of the Seas
October 30, 2004


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